Lisa King





Custom Video, December 2019

Got the match ! Man oh man ! What can I say .. Absolutely speechless .. I loved it .. Each and every time you knock it out of the park .. Thanks a million to you .. You go above and beyond to entertain your fans .. Very very grateful ..

Custom Video, August 2019
"I have used other customs in the past and have been wary about using another wrestler/site
as previous ones have been produced at a high quality. However using yours is something I'm glad
I decided to try as it has exceded expectations. Again previous customs were good
but Lisa has blown them out of the water. Also I gave a few ideas on things to say and asked
yourself (Lisa) to make up trash talk or whatever she could think of. Here you show that you are one of
the best (possibly the best) talkers in the industry. If i had given a word for word script, I
don't think I would of been as satisfied as the script you have done for this video. In fact the
things you added that I did not ask for has made the video 100 times better. I would highly recomend
to anyone thinking of trying a custom or looking at a first time one to go with Lisa. Absolutely
spot on with the video and dealing with her has been a pleasure, the video was only filmed yesterday
I was expecting atleast a couple of days for the video to be received so the speed of it has been a added bonus.
Also it exceeded expections that I have a few more requests lined up and will definitly be coming to
you first for any future ones. Also just to note Eva also played great part in the video so shoutout
to her aswell."

Semi Competitive Wrestling Session, March 2019

Just visited Lisa for another session. She is better than ever. She is always sure that she understands the rules of the matches. Nice to communicate with, both before, during and after the match. Always offers a drink before the match. She is a good wrestler both for newcomers and experienced ones who want a nice match on the mats. Fantastic woman with nice charisma. Friendly and relaxed. Makes good sessions and even nice to talk with over skype. Actually, she was even answering me when I was on holiday and had some questions about the UK. Has a good sense of humour.

Custom Video, March 2019

Please give my thanks to Lisa for yet again such a steller performance - thumbs up, five stars!! 
It has been a real pleasure dealing with you and your crew. And I have to say, you and Miss Lisa King have been my favourites by far. Such wonderful and beautiful performers and brilliant actors, always more than willing to enact all my requests and for never passing judgement on any of my requests however unusual or unique! You and Lisa have been such great sports throughout our dealings so thank you very much for this, it's been greatly appreciated, I can assure you.
Take care and lots of love and kisses to you both.

Catfight Custom Video, December 2018
Your performance was pretty much perfection. You did all those little key elements that I was talking about perfectly. Thanks for that.  Sometimes when actors or actresses speak lines in these vids it can come off a bit cheesy, but there was none of that here.  You both seem very comfortable in front of the camera. Thanks a lot for doing this vid and performing it so well.  Couldn't be happier with the result. 

Wrestling Session, September 2018
Believe all you read in the Reviews below about this beautiful, talented woman. In an age of commercial hype and 'fake news' she is the real deal. No brag, just fact.
My request was a bit different than others. I had a genuine interest in all the wrestling holds, their application and possible counter. I was also interested in some of the MMA holds I've seen on television and YouTube. I sent Lisa an email well in advance of our session detailing my desires.
She delivered exactly what I requested, attired in a beautiful one-piece outfit just like the pro wrestler she is. She went over in encyclopedic fashion about a dozen different holds, from the pro wrestling "Boston Crab" to the MMA "Bare Naked Choke." She would show me how they were applied, where each arm and leg went, and then apply them at "half power" to show how they felt, and then with my concurrence, "full power."
WOW!! Shut the front door. I tapped within seconds once "full power" was applied. I quickly learned how so much of this sport focuses on precise arm and leg positioning and how power is applied to a particular joint or location in the body.
At the 40 minute mark Lisa had me apply the same holds to her she had to me. Then she demonstrated the means to counter or escape the hold. She was "free" every time within seconds!
At the 50 minute walk we started "rockn' and rollin." The results were the same as that for all the other reviewers: complete domination. Her beauty, delightful personality, and cheerful banter mask a true professional who knows her business inside and out.
Next time I'm in the UK, before the London museums and castles in Scotland, I know where I'm going first: Another session with Lisa King in Manchester.

Pro Style Squash Match, July 2018
Just wanted to say I had a wonderful experience with Lisa on a recent trip to the UK. Very friendly and warm out of the ring...extremely nasty inside the ring (just what I wanted). Verbally dominant as well as physically she had lots of technical moves but could also mix it with hardcore brutality. I wanted a match of no holds barred beat down action using whatever means and she did not disappoint using chairs, chalkboard, workout weights etc mixed with a lot of pure power. You would think a girl of this size would lack power...hell no! Scissors nearly crushed my cheekbones to pieces 😊 Verbally talented too she knows how to make a session flow from start to finish. I would have no hesitation recommending this super talented athlete to anyone. Enter the ring at your peril but hell you would enjoy every minute of it. I did even though I could not walk for days afterwards. Along with *** the best in the business 10/10.

Pro Style Custom Video, April 2018
Two in a row! It was gonna be hard to top the last one but you two did it! It was awesome! Just how I wanted it. Thank you soooo much again! I can’t wait to do more vids with you. One very happy customer. 

Catfight Custom Video, March 2018

I just watched my video and I have to say it might be one of the best I’ve ordered. It was perfect. I can’t wait to get more from you. I also wanted to add that other companies should take notes from you. I had a wonderful experience getting the vid done with you. Most companies will not do a private custom. I will definitely do business with you again!

Custom Video, February 2018

What can I say. Once again you have more than surpassed my expectations. My elaborate and expressive instructions for both scenes were more than fulfilled, and some! My request for enthusiastic performances throughout were more than exceeded - and some!!  My hopes and wishes for this to top your excellent performances in previous commissioned match-ups were even more than surpassed, and some!!!

Boxing Custom Video, December 2017

Lisa, you are AWESOME!! I have had a couple of other people do this custom and you blew them away. I loved the outfit you looked great! I was impressed with your boxing skills. You held your hands perfectly. Great left jab, right cross, and head movement. The cameramen did a great job also. I loved your arrogance mixed with little bit of politeness!! Again you are Awesome and if you are willing I want a rematch!!

Skype Chat, November 2017

Had a beautiful 30 minutes chat with Miss King about wrestling. Amazing very down to earth kind of person, definitely worth everyone's time If you think having a nice relaxed time doing what you love, can't wait to meet her Xxx 

Pro Wrestling Custom Video, October 2017

Wow!  Wow!  Wow!
Thanks for the incredible display of old-school wrestling that you and *** performed for my custom. It was magnificent!!! I really enjoyed watching you apply those classic holds and moves on poor ***...and your cheating was perfectly hidden from the ref! Your wrestling style, demeanour and bantering with the ref was played to perfection... I couldn't ask for more!!! I hope you continue to work old-school matches like these, and please pass on your skills to the rookie wrestlers you work with. You're the best!

Custom Video, August 2017

Thanks a lot for the custom video. I immediately downloaded and watched it, and it is fantastic! Both of you performed really really good, and I liked all, from the punch intensity to the reactions, to the outfits. And let me say you are really perfect for that! I know I've decided to make you lose again, but I think I will order another one, hopefully soon, and well, maybe this time you'll have your revenge.
Thanks again for the fantastic video!

Wrestling Session, July 2017

Just been to my favourite wrestling gym in Manchester for about the tenth time, whereas I had a session with the beautiful Lisa King for about the fourth in a row. The session was a fantasy/semi competitive one. Lisa wore a leotard and tights which she looked stunning in, the hour absolutely flew by and more. Lisa pummeled me with her wrist locks, body scissors, head scissors and her sgp's was something else, I just couldn't throw her off and she does it all with with a smile that melts you away. She is so bubbly and makes you feel so relaxed from the minute you meet her. Can't wait to have another session with her but I will have to try and combat her ju-jitsu skills that she has in abundance she always finds a way to win and win easily. If you are thinking of having a session and you are a little apprehensive don't worry message or ring Lisa and you will be blown away by her friendliness and will be put at ease straight away. 

Wrestling Session, April 2017

Fabulous! The whole experience of meeting with Lisa, from initial contact by email and all her swift responses, to the actual session itself was a total joy. She's funny, never stops smiling, has a really lovely and lively personality, and ALWAYS puts up a great session.
Super fit, fast, sexy and probably one of the most experienced session wrestlers on the circuit today; all add up to make a truly wonderful time in her company. My three hour session with the lovely Lisa only felt like an hour! Boy, does the time ever fly when you're having so much fun. Thanks again Lisa. Hope to see you again very soon..............

Telephone Session

Beaten, tied up in the ropes, weakened by stomps, finished by reverse scissors & it's all on the phone! Lisa King you are amazing!

Custom Videos

Just received the latest download with you and *** and again all I can say is wow, wow and Wow!. Again way above and beyond anything I expected. Thank you so so much Lisa! Will deffo be in touch for more. 

Just a quick note of thanks for the custom match that you wrestled for me for ***. This was the old school, pro-style match where you hid the "cheating" tactics from the referee.   I've been a fan of ladies wrestling since I was young, and this move was a mainstay of women's matches back in the 60s and 70s. It's rare to see it "worked' anymore, which is why I ordered the custom. You worked the match to absolute perfection.  Not only did you apply (and hide) the choke effectively, but your banter with the ref was spot-on from the old school days. I couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome, and I hope to order another custom with you again soon! You are the clearly the best female wrestler in the business today, and I look forward to seeing you in action again very soon. Please keep working the "old school" pro matches that many fans like me miss from the old days. Cheers!

Just received the download match of you and *** and all I can say is Wow! You and *** were brilliant, what a show. Thank you!!
Very much looking forward to commissioning you in more matches in the future.

Just a note to say you were absolutely brilliant in the match with ***. You've always been great in all my commissioned matches but you really surpassed yourself here. 5 stars plus. Thank you so much. 

Wrestling Session, September 2016

Aware that lovely Lisa was going to spend several days in London I rushed to book a place at the gym in her busy schedule, requesting a wrestling session. She answered promptly and gave me all the necessary details. Once arrived, I found she had diligently taken care of everything. We spent a few minutes chatting over tea, discussing my preferences: I wanted a playful wrestling session, but she was given permission to use her wrestling talent as often and as hard as she wished. She did. A short break to account for Lisa's appearance: do not session with her if you are prone to falling in love with an amazingly gorgeous, educated, kind, friendly woman with a shining smile. If she looks stunning in a photograph, she will dazzle you to loss of consciousness in person. You have been warned. We squared off in our knees and we were ready to start battling. I soon could tell Lisa is very strong and her wrestling skills are second to none. Despite a big size and weight difference, she was always in an energetic offensive, wearing me down as the match progressed. I was pinned several times (lost count) while she was on her back on just a few occasions. It was clear she possesses superior wrestling knowledge and was using it dexterously to avoid being outmuscled. Lisa kindly prepared some more tea, shared some more enthralling conversation and showed me the way to the shower. All I could ask for was there: liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, sponge. The shower space itself is large and comfortable. To sum it up, everything was a treat: from Lisa's looks and skills to the venue, from the large mats to the tasty tea. Congrats aplenty to Lisa for wrestling moments I won't easily forget. 

Pro Wrestling Beat-down  

I have visited Lisa King for wrestling sessions twice in the past year and am booked in for my third. If a mixed-wrestling session is something you're interested in, and you're looking for a female wrestler to book, look no further than Lisa - she is superb in every way and I cannot speak highly enough of her. She was friendly, polite, prompt and professional during the booking process and, as for the sessions themselves, she gave me exactly the sort of wrestling match I was looking for. I wanted a beat-down experience, where a female wrestler punished me in a proper wrestling ring, and Lisa made it happen perfectly. It was amazing to see how she switched from being one of the nicest and friendliest people you could meet, chatting away over a cup of tea before the session, to becoming a she-devil in the ring, only to become the friendly, easy-going Lisa again once the match was finished. Lisa is a fully trained professional wrestler with more than a decade of experience and she judged perfectly how to give me the beating I was looking for without doing any serious damage! Even had I wanted a competitive session with her, there's no way I could have matched her for strength and skill. She was also happy to oblige with outfits - both for her and me - and in letting me get some video footage of the match. If a beatdown isn't your thing, Lisa can offer you semi-competitive matches - in the ring or on the mats - as well as lots of other kinds of session. If I lived in Manchester, I'd be wrestling her every week! And, finally, it has to be said - the fact that Lisa is drop dead gorgeous only adds to the experience. Stop thinking about going to session with Lisa King - do it!

Pro Wrestling

Worked with Lisa a number of times and I can confirm that this young lady is the real deal! Even more stunning in the flesh than she looks in pictures (yes, that's actually possible!), an incredibly talented wrestler and puts 110% effort into her work. Professional, hard working, friendly and beautiful, Lisa is the total package - a real pleasure to deal with!

Semi Competitive Wrestling

I just want to inform that I had one match against Lisa King. I can guarantee that Lisa is very very nice humble respectful, honest girl with humour and easy to talk with. She definitely made the atmosphere at the mat to a funny great time. So if you happens to go to Manchester you should visit and have a session with Lisa. She is definitely worth a visit.